Dutch Feed cooperative AgruniekRijnvallei announces full roll-out of Lay-Insight

AgruniekRijnvallei, a Dutch farmer cooperative with over 2000 active members, has chosen Lay-Insight of Porphyrio NV as the best product that matches their needs, after a comparison with local competitive products.

The main differences and advantages of Lay-Insight were found on the combination of giving a complete and pro-active overview of the process in real time in a very user-friendly way. Its flexibility and possibility to collect data automatically as well as manually allows all farmers to  benefit from the Big Data based self-learning algorithms.” according to Mr. Henno van den Bruinhorst, Sales Manager Poultry. “Together with Porphyrio, we at AgruniekRijnvallei want to profile ourselves as digital focused cooperation, ready for the future.

Picture: Henno van den Bruinhorst of AgruniekRijnvallei (left) and Kristof Mertens of Porphyrio NV.