Porphyrio NV introducing Big Data management and Artificial Intelligence to the poultry industry in Bangladesh.

Over 100 representatives of the poultry industry in Bangladesh were attending the meeting about the principles and benefits of using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the Bangladesh poultry industry. The meeting which was organized by Mr. Anjan Majumder, the sales partner of Porphyrio NV to market their Cloud based solutions for the poultry industry in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. “The presence of such a group to come from all over the country to Dhaka clearly indicates that the topic is actual and that the industry is ready to implement the use of data analytics in order to improve performance” according to Dr. Selim Al Mamun who attended the meeting and CEO of Avian Biotech. The main focus of the meeting was explaining what Big Data and Artificial Intelligence means and how it works, and about describing the poultry production process in relevant (biological) parameters by which it is possible to understand and explain the performances.

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20-21-22 June 2018, Utrecht (NL)
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