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A full-scale solution for your business

Porphyrio has developed innovative systems for the poultry meat industry (chicken meat, turkey meat and duck meat) as well as for the commercial egg industry. These systems are based on scientific self-learning algorithms and are operated in the cloud. The systems are developed in such a way that they are operable for an individual farmer or a total vertically integrated producer.

Invest in the optimization of your business process

Traceability in the food industry is a necessity in order to safeguard food safety. The timely traceability of problems in individual links in the production chain is also crucial to the final quality and cost of your end-product.

Smart Farm Assistant contributes to the optimization of your production, as well as your profit by monitoring, calculating and analysing all relevant data obtained during the production process. Smart Farm Assistant also makes accurate, long-term predictions based on the individual flock behaviour and thorough scientific research. These predictions enable you to optimize your production and sales planning well in advance.

A modular system

Smart Farm Assistant is a modular system, which enables you to start with just a few modules and expand in a next phase with additional modules, when needed. The modular flexibility enables you to choose the solution best fitted to your business. Our systems can also be linked to existing systems (ERP or other) either collecting data from it or transferring data to it.