Porphyrio NV introducing Big Data management and Artificial Intelligence to the poultry industry in Bangladesh.

Over 100 representatives of the poultry industry in Bangladesh were attending the meeting about the principles and benefits of using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the Bangladesh poultry industry. The meeting which was organized by Mr. Anjan Majumder, the sales partner of Porphyrio NV to market their Cloud based solutions for the poultry industry in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


NEW: One integrated Broiler Planning

With the ongoing developments in broiler husbandry systems, different concepts have arisen: standard growing, free range growing, slow growing, antibiotic free growing,… As a result broiler planning has become more complex.


New: Porphyrio NV will launch Broiler Planning at VIV Europe

On the first of January of this year, Porphyrio NV took over the Apros Broiler Planning from Adifo as part of their strategy to become the preferred partner for Cloud based solutions in the poultry industry. Today Porphyrio NV is proud to announce that the Broiler Planning is now ready for integration in their Cloud portal.