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About Porphyrio


The poultry industry is and will be continuously facing different challenges. From the genetic evolution of breeds, to altering disease pressure and changes in legislation, market and consumer behavior. These challenges make the production process of a poultry product increasingly more complex.

Fortunately, at the same time new automation and ICT technologies offer the ability to monitor, control and manage the process in a more efficient way. This enables a poultry business to comply with market and consumer demands while maintaining the company’s business objectives.

Poultry production will be one of the main sectors that can profit significantly from the opportunities of big data analytics. By combining these new technologies, animal science, biostatistics and the experience of involved people, the complete production process can be optimized.


It is Porphyrio’s objective to be a reliable key partner for the poultry industry, at any level and for all stakeholders. We strive to enable our customers to take advantage of the possibilities of the Cloud, IoT and Big Data analytics. By developing cloud-based and scientifically justified solutions, we enable each customer to optimize their business, online and in real-time. As such, our customers can take better strategic decisions based on short-term and long-term predictions of the production process and market.


Porphyrio products are developed based on multidisciplinary expertise. By combining knowledge about poultry husbandry and poultry science, livestock production chains (eggs and meat), Big Data management and Biostatistics, Porphyrio is able to deliver customized products which are able to support the total business optimization process of our customers.


Porphyrio strives to achieve customer satisfaction, building on our clearly defined principles:

  • Global focus, local service: get the most out of our global services with local support

  • Objectivity & confidentiality: that is how we want to earn our customer’s trust

  • Accurate and dynamic in our way of working

  • Creative to come up with the best solution for our customers’ businesses

  • Excellence: only excellent is good enough

  • Respect for individuals, animals and the environment

History: From University Spin-Off to part of Evonik

In 2013 Porphyrio started as a spin-off company from the University of Leuven, Biosystems Department, Division of Mechatronics, Biostatistics & Sensors (MeBioS). MeBioS has an international reputation and is respected for its knowledge and research on sustainability in the agro-food chain, biostatistics, sensor development and animal health engineering. It is by working closely with MeBioS that many of the innovative models and self-learning algorithms are developed.

In October 2018 Porphyrio became part of Evonik Nutrition & Care, animal nutrition the division of Evonik Industries AG. Evonik is combining all digital activities and technological developments in the area of predictive and preventive diagnostic solutions for livestock farming. With this change Porphyrio and our customers can benefit from synergism created between companies within the Evonik group.