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To run a healthy company, modern poultry farmers choose to automate and increase the scale of their business. As a result, a company’s production sites can be scattered across multiple locations, making it impossible for the agricultural entrepreneur to keep an eye on his animals on a daily basis. This often results in farmers missing important warning signs that something is going wrong in the stalls, which can result in significant damage and loss.

Keep an eye on your animals

Thanks to automated data collection, it is possible to collect information on the health of your chickens. Few modern poultry farms, however, are able to collect and analyze this data due to insufficient time, lack of theoretical knowledge, or other obligations.  As a result, valuable information goes unused which can provide poultry farms with insight, regardless of time or location, on how their animals are doing. As livestock experts and (grand)children of farmers, we know this situation all too well. Our drive and our mission was to find a solution to this problem.

Ready to use and affordable

At the KU Leuven, we studied the analysis of data generated on poultry farms for many years. With our acquired expertise, we created a number of algorithms which serve as the basis of our software, which is intended to support modern managers. This resulted in the development of Lay-Insight (used for layers) and Broiler-Insight (used for broilers). Both of these automatically collect and analyze the data generated by the computers and the software that modern poultry farms have already invested in and have in place. Once our software has analyzed the data, production managers receive useful, ready-to-use information on their PC, tablet or smartphone that allows them to immediately act if a problem arises. It is not only convenient and immediately ready to use, but is also affordable.

It is our mission to provide agricultural entrepreneurs with an instrument that they can use to get an edge on the highly competitive market. 

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