Kipster starts using the Porphyrio® System

We are proud to announce our partnership with Kipster Farms – a pioneer in animal welfare and sustainability in the layer sector. From now on, all Kipster farms will use Lay-Insight, the Porphyrio® solution for laying hens.

This way, Kipster is enabled to monitor and further optimize their outstanding egg production process. What makes Kipster special is its strong dedication to show that environmentally friendly practices and a focus on animal welfare do not contradict the economical perspective of farming. Using Lay-Insight, the Kipster farms can more easily monitor the health status and well-being of the birds. Thanks to our Early Warning System, Kipster gets the opportunity to always be one step ahead in its egg production process.

Styn Claessens, Farming Manager at Kipster explains “The Porphyrio® digital solution completes the elements we have foreseen to scale our innovative and sustainable way of producing eggs. Standardization is an important element in our strategy, and a sound data solution like Porphyrio® forms the foundation for this.”

Evonik Porpyrio is looking forward to the collaboration with Kipster!

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