Porphyrio® Software Now Used Widely In The Dutch Layer Market

Since the start of 2020, Evonik Porphyrio has significantly increased its presence in the Dutch layer market. This bigger footprint is a result of an accelerated rollout and collaboration with leading feed mills in the Netherlands.

In a coordinated cooperation, ABZ Diervoeding, De Heus Animal Nutrition, ForFarmers BV and Vitelia Voeders have jointly decided to replace their older legacy system with Lay-Insight, the layer solution in the Porphyrio® suite.

“We are proud to have been chosen as digital partner for the Dutch layer market.” Comments Kristof Mertens, Managing Director of Evonik Porphyrio. “Since Agruniekrijnvallei and Voergroep Zuid have already made this transfer earlier, Porphyrio® is now the preferred software to monitor and analyse data of the Dutch layer houses. A great achievement and a phenomenal token of trust of these partners!”

With this step, the Dutch layer farmers get an easy access to the opportunities of Lay-Insight for real-time digital farm management.